Move your world from Scratch!

Body.scratch is the method that empowers digital natives from 8-16 to bodily engage, play & create games, animations and art.

Learners gain valuable technical skills for today and tomorrow while sparking their creative, logic, cooperative and motoric abilities!

" 85% of the jobs required in 2030 do not exist yet. "

— Study by 'dell' and 'the inSTITUTE FOR THE FUTURE'

Let's prepare!

Just like a second spoken or written language, the ability to code is a core skill to learn and prepare for tomorrow. We make the learning curve accessible and more cognitively (mind+body) engaging than traditional pedagogic programs. So called "soft skills" such as socio-cultural, emotional, collaborative and creative abilities are central to our method.

We designed various levels of involvement in our formats for groups 8-12 and 13-16 years old, so learners can find what suits them best and double down on it!

There are 4 main benefits in approaching coding from the body:


Synchronize mind and body memory so learning becomes holistic

Grow up healthy

Stay fit by moving the body for motoric capabilities to develop in full potential


One key element when one learns with technology is the ability to develop social and emotional intelligence, and not be constantly absorbed by the screen

Just be

Let the youth move and channel their energy towards a creative and concrete practice while discovering about their own cultural background and that of others

We create home learning
and hybrid schooling formats with you, for you

You are a school representative eager to help your children learn programming playfully, healthfully and collaboratively?

We propose to you a 30min call where we listen to you, your challenges and needs.


3 formats to learn through

Discovery session


The goal here is to meet the Body.scratch basics of computer science concepts and explore their relation to everyday life situations. We always work in duos or groups to emphasize on collaboration and empathy in the process.

The Discovery is a 01h30 online session. It costs 25€/duo or 15€/individual, all inclusive. We take in a maximum of 20 attendees per session for qualitative guidance.

8-12 • Learn computer science concepts via Body.scratch fundamentals

🎯 Discover in this once-off session what programming is, how it works and why it is valuable for now and the future!

🎯 Gain a cognitive (mind+body) understanding of coding and its relation to everyday situations by creating art, games and animations.

13+ • Learn & create your own body.coding language

🎯 Discover in this once-off session what programming is, how it works and why it is valuable for now and the future!

🎯 Gain a cognitive (mind+body) understanding of computer science concepts that you can relate to everyday situations.

🎯 Explore various applications for Body.scratch and create your own body.coding language.

Parent & child • From classroom to home — Upon Request

Creative coding to have fun in family! You learn how to trust each other, divide tasks and encourage each other's creativity, while learning about programming logic that can be applied to everyday situations. A chance for you as a parent to share playful moments in the learning process of your child, moments that can be found daily.



Learners wish they could have homework like this! We offer 3-day bootcamps to dive into coding and create epic collaborative projects such as games and animations. We give space to individual pace, nevertheless work in duos or groups to emphasize on collaboration and empathy in the process.

Each day of the bootcamp includes 4 hours divided in hourly sessions.
We are doing online and on site simultaneously. Keep an eye on our upcoming public bootcamps via the booking links below.

8-12 • Learn and create a Body.scratch program

🎯 Learn all the fundamentals of Body.scratch and create together with other bodyscratchers programs — stories, games, animations — based on the group's curiosity.

🎯 Learn about the good habits to take when using screen based technologies.

🎯 Make programming principles familiar so you can reuse them with different coding languages.

13+ • Create your Body.coding version from any language you want to learn

🎯 We focus on finding individual understanding of existing program languages through dance/movement challenges.

🎯 Develop and share your findings with the collective while creating your body.coding languages and apply them to create visuals, games, animations, and more.

Weekly workshops

Weekly challenges

Body.scratch aims at connecting digital learners from different parts of the world for them to learn form one another. The Weekly challenges format is tailored for it!

The challenges start in October 2022. Pre-subscribe via the link below.
The first 50 subscribers get a lifetime free access to these challenges!

Play weekly on challenges given by bodyscratchers!

🎯 Each week, get access to a selection of challenges proposed by bodyscratchers all over the world.

🎯 Sharpen and test your skills.

🎯 Get a chance to propose challenges to other bodyscratchers as well!

We make the youth explore playfully,
healthfully and collaboratively
with creative technology

" Oh my god, my son is smiling! "

Jasmine, parent — Discovery

" Everything was fun, there was just nothing that wasn't fun! "

Noa, 9 — Bootcamp (BSSBC 2021)

" This is epic! They are totally into it! "

Ramona, teacher @De Boschuil — Bootcamp

" If I had learned dancing like this I would have danced more! "

Kees, 18, ICT student @Fontys — Bootcamp

" Oohh..! So, if it is with Python and I do this [move] it's like Body.python now. "

Niklas, 12, pupil — Discovery

Our main partner is a platform from MU [Hybrid Art House] that uses programming as a creative tool and as an active way to learn more about art. Students also learn to look critically at technology by starting creating it themselves.


What makes Body.scratch different from other youth coding courses and platforms?

We believe it is essential to learn how to interact healthfully, playfully and creatively with technology from an early age.
A central notion in our pedagogic process is integrating the body in the learning process. Very often, screen-based interactions and curriculums omit to take body memory and motoric development into account, resulting in having deficiency in the learning capabilities of children. Being productive and efficient do not work in the long run with unhealthy habits. Children find joy and meaning in being able to move while learning. And let's be real, we know how cool it is to drop some slick moves with friends!

Which coding languages do you teach?

We base our workshops on Scratch, which is very accessible for children already. This is our current focus. In a near future we will be developing formats for other languages.

What will be the final restitution of the sessions?

Depending on which session and age group, the final outcome may differ. From an understanding of the basics of computational thinking during discovery sessions, to the actual making of tangible animations, games, stories, automated systems during bootcamps and weekly challenges. For advanced learners, we offer the guidance to develop their own body.code language from the process to the application.

My child has no experience with code or dancing. Are these courses good for beginners?

Fantastic! It is much easier to start on a clean sheet with no “bad habits” integrated already. No experience in coding or dancing is required, we make sure to manage a suitable amount of students so we can be present with them every time they need support.

Are these courses online or on site?

As of today, we provide both online & hybrid classes to schools based in the Netherlands and France, since we understand the importance of being present with the body for many of our learners. There is already free content on our various socials: TikTok, Instagram, Linkedin.

What are the daily hours of the different sessions?

In general sessions are scheduled as follow (CEST) :
• Discovery  — 09.00-10.30 / 11.00-12.30 / 14.00-15.30 / 16.00-17.30
• Bootcamps — 09.00-14.00
• Weekly challenges — uploaded several times during the week

However, hours may differ depending on current conditions, specific needs or exceptional situations.

Will you provide food during the bootcamps?

For bootcamps that happen on site, there won't be complete meals offered, but we are offering fruits, snacks and drinks for everyone to regain some energy when necessary! We prepare a list of allergies to avoid any incident.

Who are the people behind Body.scratch?

We are a group of passionate educators specialized in embodied learning and creative technology. Our founder is Alvin Arthur and our pedagogic consultant is Lex van der Steen. We closely collaborate with platform to develop the workshops in schools. Find out more about us here.